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Summary : made its name in web hosting and it is clear to see from a users point of view that the website building side of things is mainly an add-on to their website hosting. As far as the uptime and support is concerned, for the average website builder, you shouldn’t notice such step up from other solely website building services like Wix and WebsiteBuilder. This does mean that the user which is expecting a lot of traffic or interactions then it may be worth going with BlueHost, as you do experience as a good an editor as other top services, but can pay for better hosting.

Value for Money :

Although there is no free or trial option supplied by BlueHost, the first paid service is relatively cheap, at only $3.49 / month. This account comes with 100 GB of website space (much more than offered elsewhere), a custom domain and around 50 GB of total email storage (100 accounts). We thought that this was outstanding as far as value for money, when taken into account to quality of the hosting and also what’s included. We would recommend this option, but the next upgrade option is far better! For just $2 more / month, you have unlimited websites and space. Despite this great value for money, there is a catch. The only term for which the price is so cheap is the first, and it returns to expected costs after. This is great for use of just 1 month, but good deal starts to even out over time.

Editor :

We really liked the editor that Weebly provided with, the editing process was very simple yet packed with features. The design of the editing space is very non-intrusive and the fact that you can view your site in a mobile view, helping you to optimize your site on this platform, this is extremely important, as most mobile users who cannot easily navigate a site will not return. One downside to the editor is the inclusion of ‘Lorem Ipsum’ text to fill the space, this could be used to give handy tips like other services do but instead the user is faced with an overload of Latin jargon. Although, with Bluehost, you may not be kept up to date with Weebly’s latest editing software, which does make one think – ‘Why not just go for Weebly?’

Templates :

There are around 200 different templates supplied by, all available in a selection of colours. This is nice but we would have liked to see a few more specialized templates, as most are extremely generic which is not very useful to the user who has no idea what they are doing (a lot of users nowadays as most consumer fronts are moving online). This does however cater to the user who is very design specific as the plethora of starting designs and colours will give them a guaranteed head start.

Additional Features :

We really liked the idea of SpamExperts that monitors email accounts in order to eliminate 99.98% of inbound, spam, bulk emails. This has no effect on space efficiency however as it is only offered with the ‘plus’ account ($5.95 / month), which offers unlimited email box storage anyway. It is really useful for cleaning up mailboxes, which certainly does contribute to a more efficient working environment. This hasn’t been offered elsewhere with a website building package and we feel it makes the after-building experience much more fluid.

Guides and Customer Service : has customer service down to a tee. You can choose to chat directly to an expert, from anywhere in the website. Also they have a US and International phone line on which you can call and speak to an expert human to human. There are significant self-help resources, and also a very popular forum which can supply invaluable tips and advice. There should be no point in a Bluehost experience in which you feel stuck without help, which we think is extremely impressive and important.