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Summary :

CloudHosted offer quality cloud hosting which is Fast, and Reliable, but still as simple to use as standard hosting. CloudHosted still runs on cPanel control panel which is great to see. Cloud Hosted has made cloud hosting affordable and easy to use. We really like them.

Value for Money :

At just $5.95 / month, CloudHosted website building is within most people’s budgets. We usually recommend cheaper services, but Cloud Hosted was more than worth including simply because the value it brings to the table is unprecedented. Cloud hosting services are extremely valuable, hence the high price you may see elsewhere. Cloud Hosted offers it on a budget, meaning super high value for money.

Editor :

CloudHosted dont include a website builder but they do have 1-click installs for WordPress. For those of you who want a CMS a little more powerful, you can opt for Joomla or Drupal, of which both can be installed with just 1 click. With Cloud Hosted you get the editing choices other dedicated hosting companies offer, whilst keeping it simple for their vast user base.

Additional Features :

With CloudHosted you get all the features you expect from standard hosting like free domain and free email on top of that you also get all the cloud performance features like premium hardware with low density servers to make your website load faster. You can take more traffic also with more CPU and RAM. Enjoy automatically accelerated web content with intergrated caching. Also your website is automatically mirrored so you have instant failover.

Guides and Customer Service :

In terms of editing, you are likely to never be left on your own without help, as there more WordPress / Joomla / Drupal guides and forums than you can shake a stick at. If you have any trouble with Cloud Hosted, you are in even better hands. Round the clock phone teams and a mammoth knowledge base is just the tip of the support iceberg, but it’s already more than a lot of hosting companies offer.

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