FatCow Review
Summary :

In summary, FatCow is an okay website building / hosting company that will suffice for most personal and small business users, with its very simple site creation tools, a fair amount of features and a very friendly support team. However, poor servers and stats capability leave the majority of users short-changed.

Value for Money :

FatCow is relatively low priced, with a starting price of $49 / year (or $5 / month if you wish to pay that way) then renewing after a year at $130 / year (or $11 / month if you pay monthly), which includes a domain name, unlimited mailboxes and a fair bit more. This sounds like a good deal, but what it is mainly used for, hosting, is most certainly traded off quality wise for ease of use. In terms of features, FatCow is good value for money, but in terms of quality it is far from it.

Editor :

FatCow’s website editor is most certainly easy to use, and is packed with features which will satisfy most low level website building. There is lots of integration with other tools, such as ‘Google Custom Search’ which allows visitors to search within your site. Also, their collaboration with WordPress is very beneficial to users as it makes blogging very easy to achieve.

Templates :

FatCow’s ‘Udderly Fantastic Web Hosting’ package includes ‘a bullpen full of site templates’. Unfortunately, it must be a very small bullpen as they only have 100-200 templates, a considerably small fraction of the amount you get elsewhere. The templates themselves are far from impressing, all of them look stale and lost in time. A very disappointing part indeed.

Additional Features :

Outside of the editor, FatCow is not so feature rich. The Joomla content management system is useful for managing the photos and videos on your site. Also, every account comes with lots of advertising credits for Google, Yahoo and Facebook, totalling $150 worth.

Guides and Customer Service :

This is where FatCow really hits the nail on the head, their customer service team are known for being approachable and super helpful, which should take away any worries a potential customer may have, when paired with the 30 - day money back guarantee.

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FatCow Customer Reviews Write Review
Cheating Web Host

The reason I give them such a poor review is they cheat users out of their money with a very nasty cancellation process. I'd used them for 5 years for my sites and recommended them to a friend. They continued to charge my credit card and his for months after cancelling the service via the control panel. Their excuse? We didn't e-mail them to cancel!!! Despite specifically cancelling the service in the control panel.

Reviewer: Peter Davie6th December 2015
Stay-Away- they are a rip-off

What a con job. When I spoke to their sales people about the cost of web hosting AFTER the fist year they said because of the simplicity of my site the cost would remain the same. Well, not only did they triple the about, they did not bill me on the anniversary. I could not log on to get my email and support kept telling me there was a problem with the servers. Finally, one tech who knew what he was talking about said it was because I did not pay my bill. I paid for a year in advance.... go figure. Stay away from these guys, What a rip-off.... I went 2 1/2 weeks without email.....

Reviewer: Jeff Sapper29th July 2015

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