Go Daddy

Go Daddy Review
Summary :

Go Daddy website builder has to be up there with the best on the market offering a great mix of value for money and ease of use with fantastic results. You can create a really attractive websites in a short period of time with a real sense of achievement! The website editor itself is a real triumph and has clearly been engineered to give the user the smoothest possible website building experience!

Value for Money :

Go Daddy's website builder is extremely competitive in terms of pricing. You can start with the ‘economy’ package which starts as little as $0.99 a month and if you purchase a year upfront you will receive a free domain. For the ‘business’ plan you will need to pay $4.99 a month however you will be offered a wider range of features and an extended theme library. The ‘business plus’ plan offers more features still as well as an SSL certificate, this plan will set you back $9.99 a month. We feel the ‘business plan’ offers the best value for money as the higher plan doesn’t offer enough additional features to warrant paying double the monthly fee.

Editor :

GoDaddy have produced a website editor that ticks all the boxes, not only is it simple to use but offers true drag and drop functionality and all on an expansive platform. When using the editor you can see your website coming together in front of you, all of the functions flow and the side bar and option panels are non-intrusive yet readily available. Go Daddy has clearly invested a lot of time in creating a wonderfully interactive website builder. There aren’t many website builders on the market that give you so much control over your website and its design without overwhelming you with Photoshop like features. GoDaddy really have done a fantastic job with their website tool!

Templates :

The templates section is well laid out giving you a nice sized preview of each design. The templates are nice professional designs and there are plenty to choose from. Go Daddy also provide a handy filter tool on the left-hand side that allows you to narrow your search to a design that suits you. There is also a pleasant preview feature that allows you to see each template in full screen before you start editing. You are offered a different amount of templates dependant on which plan you choose. The ‘economy’ plan gives you the choice of 50 templates increasing to 300 if you purchase one of the ‘business’ plans.

Additional Features :

In terms of features Go Daddy don’t overcomplicate things. You are offered all the things you would expect, Slideshow galleries, blogs social media etc. You can also upgrade from the base plan toaccess a PayPal powered store and online ratings and reviews supplied via Yelp. Go Daddy also offer an interesting ‘Social Branding’ feature that copies the design of your website across to your Twitter and Facebook pages, this is however only available on premium plans.

Guides and Customer Service :

When you arrive at the editor you are welcomed with a 1.30 minute video explaining the basic functionality of the site and how to get started. The video is informative and gives you all the tips you need to get going with your site. Once in the editor all of the features on offer are very self-explanatory however if you were stuck the builder does lack the odd tool tip to help you out. Help is provided in the options tab by way of Go Daddy's help community which is more than enough to help you with any issues you may be having.