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Summary : are a top class website builder who score very highly with both us and with customers. You start by picking your custom domain, which you get for free for LIFE. Yes Life. From here you can choose a template, and start building your website. 1000's of great templates to choose from, and the easiest editor to use in the industry.

Value for Money : offer a fantastic free package, free domain free templates, free builder. There's no catch except you will have a banner at the bottom of your site unless you upgrade which is as to be expected. When you do upgrade the plans are cheap with many introductory offers available its sometimes hard to keep up. You can secure a free domain for life with a 20% discount from this link, or just go for the 100% free option.

Editor :

From our testing we found the editor the easiest to use, without missing out on any features. Some other editors are a little dated but Sitebuilders is new, fresh and ever so simple. We are confident that any user, at any skill level even children could build a professional looking website with SiteBuilder.

Templates : offers thousands of free templates which look professional, clean and crisp. They have templates for busineses, bloggers, photographers, CV websites, you name it, they have you covered. Most of the templates are just as good looking as we expected, and a fair few were more than sufficiently aesthetically pleasing!

Additional Features :

Outside of the editor, as well as the SEO tweaking options, there is a fantastic SEO eBook available as an add-on. This is vital if you want to take your website to the next level, regarding traffic and overall consumer recognition levels. All of these things are fundamental to an online store. Also very important and cool is the Email accounts and assist, which really do make the difference when it comes to professional and not professional websites. It does an online store a world of good to have a custom contact email, related to the domain, for security and sales conversion purposes.

Guides and Customer Service :

The support offered by is good, not the best but still very good. We tested technical and billing support both were clear and percise. More video tutorials and FAQs would be useful but it's so easy to use, you probably wont need them.