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Summary :

Sitey is emerging as a real front runner in the website builder world and in terms of a product are truly toe to toe with the likes of Wix and Weebly. Not only are the website templates attractive but you are given a very easy to use platform to help create and manage your new website. With the extremely competitive pricing we make one of the best options when it comes to creating a website you will be proud of.

Value for Money : is one of the best value for money website builders on the market today when taking in to consideration the features on offer. Plans starting at just $6.95 a month for the starter package which in terms of features is one of the most compressive entry plan on the market.
All Sitey users are invited to try out the editor free of charge for as long as they wish with advertising in the footer and a Sitey domain. You can upgrade to the pro account for an extra couple of dollars a month which offers you more space, bandwidth and some other added extras. The top plan is reserved for E-Commerce customers and offers a very powerful platform for a very reasonable price.

Editor :

The website editor Sitey offer is a very clean and simple to use tool exposing as much of your chosen template as possible. The tool bar isn’t intrusive but still offers the functionality you need to build your website. The editor offers a really nice balance of drag and drop functionality mixed with an element of object snapping making it easy to design your site in a systematic way. There has clearly been a great deal of user testing involved with creating this website editor and it’s refreshing to see a company focus on user experience and not just overload the editor with an abundance of features.

Templates :

Another thing the guys at Sitey have clearly been focusing on are not only their website templates but the way in which you view them. The templates are presented in the ‘template previewer’ which displays the most popular templates and gives you a drop down option to filter different types of templates. Once in the preview section you have a tool bar on the left which provides you with a handy tool to flick through different colour schemes for each template, expanding your choice of templates tenfold. All of the designs in the template library are attractive, contemporary designs.

Additional Features :

The features within the website editor are plentiful, the editor has been stripped back as much as possible but has managed to keep all the features and offered up a clever way of concealing the functionality. Sitey make it easy for you to add the simpler functionality but still offer you the more complicated features like site animations etc. Sitey has a very strong feature library and could be used by a designer to create more complicated designs, but on the flip side it can be used by a novice and still provide excellent results!

Guides and Customer Service :

In terms of guides and support Sitey tick all the boxes offering helpful easy to find tips on creating your website as well as points where you become stuck. There is also a very intelligent feature that recognises when you have become stuck at a certain stage of creating your website and offers you tips on how to move forward with creating your site. Customer support is comprehensive and there is also a Sitey community that you can enter to get not only help but useful design tips. Response times on support tickets are exceptional and any billing queries are dealt with in rapid time.

Visit Sitey

Visit Sitey

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Sitey is Amazing to use

Sitey is awesome and very easy to use. Sitey is packed with beautiful templates. I like it.

Reviewer: Andrew Sikpi28th February 2017
Simply wonderful

Well, i have been raving about this site to all of my friends and family! I no longer have to pay extortionate fees for my 'highly skilled' IT man to update my site, i can do it!

Reviewer: Jilly19th February 2016
Sitey is it! Easier than most site builders

Easier than most site builders. My previous builder ( dropped mine/multiple other sites with no notice, no support - avoid at all costs. Sitey was there when I needed an immediate fix to my lost site. Small learning curve. Tools out of the way for easier use. Looked at many - this one is the best for me. Easy video inserts using Youtube - no html. Add'l animation abilities. Preset templates and blank templates are good and not overly cumbersome or intrusive. Would give 5 stars to all but new user as of 24 hours ago - its a wknd.

Reviewer: Rick Dack20th December 2015
Nice Job

Very Nice

Reviewer: Blake Shelton20th November 2015
Ideal for me

Pretty good for what I wanted to do

Reviewer: Charles18th November 2015

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