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Summary :

Startlogic is a surprisingly clean and refreshing website building process, surprising because they are not a very well known provider. It has an overwhelming amount of really good looking, professional templates, available even on a free account. The editor is drag and drop based, making it extremely easy and natural to use, regardless of your skill level. It is hard to pin a target demographic on Startlogic’s service, simply because it is so accessible for almost every type of possible user.

Value for Money :

We rate Startlogic's value for money very highly, as it’s base account is just so open. It is most certainly the best base account we’ve noticed for a website building service: you have access to every template and full use of the drag and drop editor and much, much more.

Editor :

The editor is one of the coolest things about Startlogic service, it is clean, natural and also very well featured. The sections are easy to manipulate and customize and they are very intuitively laid out. This gives the user a much more pleasing and purposeful experience, which is very easy to design exactly how you’d like. The feature bar and options are tucked away to the site, allowing for most of the space to be purely design real estate. In short, it’s very easy to make a super good looking website on Sitelio’s editor.

Templates :

Startlogic is certainly well equipped when it comes to templates, with thousands on offer to every user. With that many templates, it’s very likely that every user will find a template which gives them a head start in their design or at least gives them some great design ideas. This is great for beginners as they may not have a clue regarding design, the super wide range of templates is in most cases going to get them on the path to aesthetic glory.

Additional Features :

There are plenty of very useful features on Startlogic, a lot of which are geared to help you make your website even more functional and appealing. The blog options are extremely useful, allowing you to very easily set up a fully functional blog, all done automatically. All you need to do is provide the editor with content, and it will be dated and posted. Also, for the upgraded user, the mobile view is endlessly useful as the mobile market grows exponentially day by day, a website which does not address this type of visitor will undoubtedly fall behind.

Guides and Customer Service :

Help is accessible directly from the editor via a help button and also a blog button, which is direct help from Startlogic themselves and also community help, usually tips and tricks. Billing enquiries are dealt with with top priority, which is very reassuring indeed.

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