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Summary :

ThemeCloud are one of the newest brands to hit to website building scene, taking a very different, jigsaw - piece - bringing together approach to providing WordPress hosting. As well as the hosting, you get a premium template included (which is worth $49+ if you were to purchase it in the standard ‘Building a website with WordPress’ way, perhaps the most popular method of building a website on earth. WordPress is insanely popular and Theme.Cloud make the whole process more simple and interchangeable - it will undoubtedly be popular.

Value for Money :

ThemeCloud pricing is around what you’d expect for WordPress hosting, at $7.95 / month, but the template included makes that pricing far more impressive. WordPress templates can be extremely expensive, so the fact that the ability to choose and switch at any time from 21 top class templates is fully included in the pricing makes value for money skyrocket. WordPress is often held back by it’s expensive premium templates, more so in the case where you have bought one and want to change. ThemeCloud eliminates this.

Editor :

WordPress is the website building tool, or content management system, you will use to build a site with ThemeCloud, which may seem a cop out from the outside, but makes sense when it comes to it. WordPress is a brilliant tool for building a website, shown mainly by it’s popularity with webmasters and supported by it’s popularity with worldwide developers who contribute daily to the software. The thought, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” springs to mind as millions of people use and enjoy WordPress daily - it’s proven to say the least.

Templates :

Choosing from a selection of 21 handpicked ‘themes’ is the first step you take with ThemeCloud, making the center of your website building universe the not-so-blank canvas you start building your website from. The amount may be a surprise, as at only 21 total the set is dwarfed by other website building product’s template lineups (which can reach into the thousands), but don’t let that take away from Theme.Cloud. The quality of templates achieved is extremely impressive.

Additional Features :

ThemeCloud have a couple great features which make a big difference day to day, but the best has to be the Site Backup function. With just one click of the button, you can save a version of your website as it currently is, allowing you to return to that point at a later date. This can prevent lost progress and even allow you to keep your website up as often as possible as if something goes wrong which renders your site unusable, simply roll back time and get your site back up and running with a recent backup.

Guides and Customer Service :

ThemeCloud takes support and turns it insant. They have a far smaller set of written content, guides and articles, which is useful to some, but it provides nothing on the level of live chat. Live chat is always available in the bottom right corner of the site and can be used to query almost any level of enquiry. If you have a more serious enquiry, for example billing, you can always open a ticket. ThemeCloud also offer email support for some more smaller but overlooked and common issues like how to install your theme or swap to a new one.

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