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Summary :

If used wisely Webs can offer a nice platform to create a simple to mid-range website on with simple, effective features put together in a simple format. Be mindful of which plan you choose and the term as you can be lulled into a false sense of security with the low end pricing which only applies to the 2 year term. Be prepared to pay a lot more if you aren’t willing to commit long term.

Value for Money :

Webs is an extremely popular website builder accounting for a significant portion of the market. Part of this success has to be apportioned to their very competitive pricing! You are allowed to access Webs for free with limited features available, upgrading to the starter starts at a very attractive $3.19/month! The highest priced plan is also a very appealing price at only $6.67/month which is cheaper than most of the industry’s entry level plans! Beware though these prices only apply when you commit to 2 years upfront otherwise you can pay as much as $24.99/month. In terms of what features differentiate between plans there isn’t a great deal, the ‘enhanced plan offers domain connection which would be the only real reason to upgrade. The highest priced plan accommodates E-Commerce which would be an obvious pull for customers looking to set up an online store.

Editor :

As editors come Webs is up there with the easiest to use, as you enter you are asked some basic information regarding your site you are also asked to select which pages you would like to include on your site with the most popular pages Home, contact us etc all pre-selected. Once inside the editor you are confronted with a fairly simple layout with the feature bar popping up at the bottom of the page as opposed to the more common side bar. All of the functionally is pretty self-explanatory and adding text, images and the like is all very simple, you are again however restricted to areas in which you can drop certain things. This is further determined on which template you have selected. Overall there can be no real complaints with the editor as it is simply laid out with all the features you’d expect from a website editor aimed at the basic to mid-range user.

Templates :

The templates Webs offer are good clean designs that cater for most businesses and hobbies. One really nice feature is the colour theme selector, certain themes can be transformed with the option of changing the colour theme throughout the template. This increases the amount of templates that the user can choose from fivefold. All in all the templates offered and the selection process is a real string to Webs bow and makes the building experience flow nicely through to the editor.

Additional Features :

In terms of features Webs has most bases covered, however most come at a premium. For example mobile optimization only comes with the ‘pro’ package or at $4.95/month. SEO booster is the same story and as you start to look at the product in further depth you can see why there is such a low entry price. To have all the features that would be available on the vast amount of its competitors you would have to shell out a fair few dollars on extras. Another extra Webs offer are custom printed goods that are branded to your new website, nice touch for small business users.

Guides and Customer Service :

The guides within the website builder aren’t plentiful however they don’t really need to be as the editor itself is simple enough to figure out even for the more inexperienced web user. What is impressive is Webs intro video, customised to the template you have picked offering you a thorough walk through of the basic functionality and features. For a free user the support offered is a little bit more basic than you would like however for paid users there is online chat and access to a decent knowledge base. There is also a Zendesk community to tap into.