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Summary :

We have all heard of Wix as they are the Website Builder brand with the most TV coverage and their simple approach is very clean. They offer a web based HTML 5 builder with many widgets and add-ons. Wix free option is a little frustrating as they serve advertising on your website plus you don’t get a sub-domain your website address is a folder name to e.g. http://mywebsite.wix.com/extranamehere this makes domains very long. There's no doubt Wix site builder are a top site builder with many templates but you do pay for it with their higher pricing and some annoyances on their free option.

Value for Money :

Wix offer a completely Free Website, the only catch is they serve advertising on your website also instead of your own domain name you get a Wix domain like the example in the Summary. The advertising can be removed and your domain replaced with a custom domain upon upgrading to a premium plan. Wix offer various additional features on the premium plans including Ecommerce, increased storage and bandwidth.
Plans start at $9.95/month for the most basic plan rising to $19.00/month, you can choose to pay month to month or pay up front for a year and receive a cheaper rate.

Editor :

Wix is one of the standout website builders when it comes to feature set. Originally a flash based editor Wix has made the transition to HTML5 seamlessly, providing some stunning website templates which translate to mobile perfectly. The website editor is easy to use and the tool bars don’t impose on your template. The drag and drop functionality is smooth and flexible allowing you to place elements wherever you desire.

Templates :

Wix offers a whole host of stylish templates catering for a wide range of home business, personal and professional websites. All of the templates Wix offers are free and totally customizable, offering clean drag and drop functionality.

Additional Features :

Wix have addons in abundance, these are displayed in the ‘Wix App Market’. These apps included popular ecommerce plugins such as Shopify, PayPal and ecwid to name a few. Other apps featured are SEO, Email and Social Media plugins. The App store as a whole is very impressive and offers an extensive range of extras to enhance your website.

Guides and Customer Service :

When it comes to walkthrough and guides Wix is up there with the best of them. After a comprehensive introduction video you are never far away from a tip or help video to aid you through a sticky patch. The editor is littered with ‘learn more’ tabs that once clicked take you to a helpful video which explains the process on which you are stuck. The Wix support center is helpful and will try and help you solve your problem without having to speak to anyone. There is also a helpful forum which can come in handy in times of need.

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