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Summary :

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular way to build a website on the internet, but it is often left out of website builder review sites. However, you cannot get confused, there are 2 different kinds of ‘WordPress’, one being the ultra popular CMS (content management system) which has been a staple of website creation for as long as I can remember, and WordPress.com, the WordPress software hosting provider. The latter is the company this review is about, but the editor and additional features section covers every WordPress supplier

Value for Money :

With WordPress you can get started for free, opting for a ‘NAME.wordpress.com’ domain, a smaller choice of themes and 3GB space. When you want to get started with a full-fledged website with your own domain name, you have 3 choices to make: Pay for the domain name and hosting at just $1.50 / month (great value for money), upgrade to WordPress Premium for just over $8 / month (includes free domain name - good value for money) or go all out with WordPress Business at just under $25 / month (eCommerce, unlimited space, unlimited premium theme choice - an overall good value for money eCommerce solution).

Editor :

Welcome to the most blogged about and prominent website editor on earth. The editor WordPress.com uses, WordPress (the open-source CMS), literally powers a quarter of the internet’s websites. It’s popularity says a lot about the usability and potential it has, it’s the level between Drag and Drop and building a site from scratch, so it appeals to a lot of people.There are endless possibilities with WordPress (the CMS), as people are making new plug ins every day. For example, you can simply plug in the ability to split test your website. It’s unbelievably versatile.

Templates :

Templates are known as ‘Themes’ in the WordPress world, and they are big business. Themes are usually split into 2 categories, free and premium. With WordPress.com, there are 190 free themes to choose from, all of which look clean and modern. If you want to be a little more original, you can go for a premium theme, which can easily set you back $100. There is a huge upside to opting for a premium theme, your site is hardly as common. As WordPress is so popular, the number of sites with the same design is unprecedented. With premium, you are far less likely to see a doppelganger to your site.

Additional Features :

As I mentioned in the editor section, plugins make up 99% of WordPress’ functionality. At the time of writing this, there are over 41,000 plugins to choose from. You can add plugins to make your site load faster, plugins to make your website more visible on Google, make your website a social network, add a forum to your site…

The sky isn’t the limit, the amount of storage you have is.

No other website builder editor can provide the same potential, but then again you do need a basic understanding of HTML to get plugins up and running, which can make some people turn away.

Guides and Customer Service :

If I haven’t mentioned this before, WordPress is the most used website building tool on earth. Finding an article on how to do something with WordPress is less like finding a needle in a haystack but instead finding a piece of hay. They are literally everywhere.

In terms of direct support from WordPress.com, the level you get depends on the package you pay for. Unfortunately, for free users, they can only resort to forums / articles (which, on it’s own, is still a monstrous amount), to get email support you need to upgrade to Premium and live chat is reserved for Business only.

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