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Summary :

In a nutshell Yola is a basic website builder targeted at a user with basic computer skills, this is likely to be why the support system is one of the best we have come across. You are limited to basic templates and simple features which isn’t always a bad thing and they defiantly have their place in their market, just don’t expect miracles.

Value for Money :

Yola is a good priced website builder with its prices starting at a very competitive $5.95/month. There isn’t a great deal in terms of features that separate the base plan to the Yola gold plan, the stand out thing being the removal of the footer banner and premium styles. The typical storage and upload limits are also enhanced as you pay more. Yola is one of a small minority of website builders that don’t remove branding on the paid entry plan.

Editor :

The Yola editor has a very basic user friendly interface which is clearly catering for the inexperienced user. You find yourself in the editor almost instantly after signing up, you are prompted to answer a few basic exploratory questions about yourself which feed their way into your website content when you are finally presented with template. The template is chosen for you and you have to poke around to find out how to change the style of your pre-determined site. You are offered a small number of extremely basic templates which are difficult to see on the small thumbnails provided. The editor is very simple to use, however you are limited to blocks of space as to where you can place your ‘widgets’ which takes away the drag drop element a good site builder needs.

Templates :

Templates is where Yola really lets itself down! The templates are basic, bland and not displayed well at all. The fact you have to wait until after you are in the editor to see an example of a template really doesn’t bode well for a website building experience. You are offered the chance to upgrade and have a better choice of templates, however the extended library is nothing to write home about.

Additional Features :

The features available in the builder are sufficient for what you would need for a website built on Yola. The E-Commerce tool is very good and is offered via Ecwid, you will have to a premium of $22.95 for the pleasure. The blog offered is also very good and offers you everything you would need for a basic blog.

Guides and Customer Service :

There are little or no guides to speak of when you start using Yola’s website builder, you do however have instant help by the way of live chat, email or knowledge base at the bottom of the screen. You can also jump on a phone call at any time and have a customer service rep walk you through any problems you are having. All in all the support you are likely to expect with Yola is pretty good!

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