Are website builders actually free

The majority of website builder brands offer a free account which allows users access to the basic features and building tools. A handful of website builders provide a limited trial period to allow users to get comfortable with the service before paying for the subscription - these are generally the more complex and sophisticated website builders.

The free accounts generally provide users with a subdomain, for example, users can then publish their site under this URL. If you publish your site on a free account you will notice that it has many advertising banners for the website builder brand that you chose, this doesn’t make your site look particularly appealing to your customers and visitors. Our advice is if you have never used a website builder before or it’s your first time designing a website use the free account to get used to the editor and the features it offers and then when you want to publish the site live upgrade to a premium account - that way you have a custom domain and no banner ads.

Getting started for free is a great way to get comfortable using the tools and features that the website builders provide. just simply create an account, start creating your design in the editor and add features as you go.