Website builders vs. web designers?

This is a common question asked by most when looking to get their own website and we’re glad you asked it. There are many things to consider when exploring this question - costs involved/budget, time, skill level etc.

Website builders are a great way to try out different designs and content, fast. In addition, building your website on a website builder provides huge flexible advantages - for example, if you get tired or board of the way your website looks you have the freedom to implement changes and updates whenever you feel necessary. This is not so easy with a web designer - making aesthetic changes can become a long winded process of back and forth iterations over email or the phone.

This decision is also affected by the budget you have, if you are a little unsure on the design and the purposes you want your website to fill then it is advantageous to sign up for a free account with a website builder brand and start getting acquainted with the features and functions while you are still deciding on your creative or strategic angle - this is a great way to make progress without having an expensive outlay.

Hiring an experienced web designer and having them implement a design that may require several iterations costs money - and depending on the skill level and experience of the designer it could become quite an expensive process! We understand and appreciate that having a website that you are completely happy with is a must because you have to feel comfortable promoting your site to fans, friends and customers - having a designer bring your website vision to life is always exciting, however, with the extensive selection of online tools and inspirational discovery apps and platforms you now have complete access and freedom to get creative and bring your website to life by yourself! The vast array of features and functions that website builders provide is an amazing option to switch them on and off 
Another reason we support website builders is because we think that having a sense of achievement after you have created your website and published it online is awesome! - it’s your work and you should be proud to share it live on the web.