The Top 10 Best Free Blog Platforms 2019

It is now easier than ever to start a modern looking blog yourself with no web design or programming skills required. There are many different tools available online for starting a blog, which anybody can use,, It’s never been so easy to build, maintain, and post to your own blog. Not only is building your own blog really easy to do, it's also a lot cheaper as you have no web design or programming costs. You even get a free blog tailored templates and a free domain with many of the companies. We provide you with honest reviews of the best blog startup services, with information on ease of use, value for money, templates and the editor itself. Choosing the right service will make a big difference to how your blog turns out. We aim to narrow down your search and set you on the right path to building a new, fresh blog today.

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Top tips on starting a successful blog

Serious amounts of people build their websites with the sole purpose of blogging, either because they have outgrown blogging platforms like Blogger (millions of users, daily) or because they want their own space on the web to give their opinions / share experiences. This super high demand for blogging websites has forced website builders to adapt, supplying some extremely useful tools aimed at those who want to blog. You can tell that website builders consider blogging serious business by the sheer amount of templates dedicated to blogging and only blogging - it’s into the 100s on services like WebsiteBuilder and SiteBuilder!

Successful blogging is a hard art to master, it takes a very long time and you have to be as consistent as day and night. Often, people will start blogging, but not see the results they expect right away, becoming disheartened and believing they are wasting their time. So, here are 3 top tips I have picked up in my time blogging on the Internet –

  • Don’t expect immediate results – It is very common that someone will begin blogging, producing brilliant content which they are sure is worth reading, but don’t see immediate results. You simply cannot expect overnight success, it is most certainly something that has to be earned when blogging. Traffic will not come out of nowhere, it is your duty to not only produce the website and the content, that is just the first step, but also you must get it in front of people!
  • Guest Blog – This is a brilliant way of getting people to read your content. Most bloggers are open to guest blogging because it links 2 sets of followers together, giving you and the people you host, more visitors and returners as a result. It is also very important to make the content as good and as relevant to the new audience as you can, leading me on nicely to the last tip…
  • Make the content worth returning for – Getting first time visitors is all well and good, but returning visitors are the real success makers. If your content is worth returning for, people will, and your hits will quickly and surely increase. Pair this with Guest blogging and you are on a straight path to success.
Blogging For Beginners 101

Blogging is big business in the website builder world, with millions of users all wanting a space to call their own on the internet, where they can share their opinions and experience. Using a website builder is now the easiest way to design, edit and manage a website, naturally, blogging has followed suit. Because there are so many people wanting to build websites specifically to blog, website builders have been quick to integrate some really useful blogging tools into their services, which are of great help to beginners!

Here are some the best of my top blogging tips for beginners!

Use what is given to you! Website Building companies do a lot for users of their service, especially bloggers. As we mentioned before, they provide some really useful tools for blog creation, management and tracking. They are extremely simple to set up and they will make blogging a much easier task than it has to be!

Produce content, and lots of it. Assuming you have your site listed on the search engines (can be done very easily with many website builders), having lots of content based around a similar theme will pay dividends. Google (and other search engines) rate websites on how relevant they are to searches, so if you have lots of the same words in your blog posts and on your website, Google will rank your website better. This gets you well on your way to the Holy Grail of the web, the top result on Google.

Guest Blog. One brilliant way to get your name and content in front of peoples eyes is to be a guest on another blogger’s page, or have another blogger feature on your page (which is sometimes even better than blogging on someone else’s page, because their followers will be on your page, reading your content after. If it is good enough, they will return, which is very important for growth).

Don’t expect too much right away. Of course, you should set your goals high, but expecting 1,000,000 visitors and 200,000 shares within the first week does you no good. Set achievable goals and track your progress, many blogging newbies expect too much and are disappointed when it doesn’t come true. By constantly evaluating your progress, you can easily see what good your effort is doing, which will undoubtedly make you feel better about blogging. is sponsored by Endurance International Group which owns the ten companies we feature and rate on our site. Terms, pricing and features vary across these EIG companies. The stars, descriptions, rankings, ratings, scores, reviews and trends expressed on this website are the opinion of at the sole discretion of the webmaster. The website is strictly for research and informational purposes only.

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Website Builder Industry Tips & Guides

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Guides to Help you Build a Website

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