Top 10 Best Web Design Companies 2019

It is now easier than ever to build a professional website yourself with no web design or programming skills required. We have reviewed the best website building tools which anybody can use which come with thousands of free website templates. Web design companies are now charging huge sums of money from people and then they build you a website using one of the platforms below which you can do yourself for free. We have taken the time to find the cheapest and best way for you to build your own website. Web design doesn’t have to be expensive or costly at all! Not only do you get to design your website for free but you can also host it on your very own sub-domain for free also, so you can send your web address to your friends, family and customers who can view your website online! What's the catch? Well there isn't one, we have tried, tested and reviewed the best paid and free website builders on the internet and given you a detailed breakdown of each one to help you decide which one is the best for you!

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How important is colour to Web Design

It is very common to use colour psychology in all web design aspects - from daily use items to logos of the famous brands, colour plays an important role in conveying the right message to the end users. This is also the case with web design, colour plays a very important role in whether visitors feel good about your website or not.

What is Colour Psychology

A per Kissmetrics, whenever we see a colour, a message is send by our eyes to a specific region in our brain which is called the hypothalamus. This region further sends signals to our pituitary gland and then thereafter to the thyroid glands causing the release of hormones that bring changes in our mood and emotion and hence our behaviour.

This proves that colour can have profound effects on emotion resulting in negative / positive feelings. Kissmetrics also says that it only takes about 90 seconds for a visitor on your website to form a judgement / opinion. In addition to that, up to 90% of such interactions are decided by the product colours alone. So, it is evident that colours play a vital role in website design, leaving your users with a strong 1st impression.

What colours actually mean

Every colour means one or the other thing to different individuals, varying from one person to another on the basis of their backgrounds and personal preferences. The chart given below (courtesy of UXPin) explains the effect of some of the most prominently used colours.

Flat Design - The latest fad in the world of web design

The design community is abuzz with the topic of Flat Design and you would see that a lot of designers are adopting it in their projects these days. In fact, most designers feel very strongly about it, that is, either they just cannot get enough of it or hate it to the core. We, on the other hand, stand on somewhat of a middle ground and feel that the Flat Design if used well can create websites that are extremely useful and easy to use as well.

A word of caution though is that it shouldn't be forced as it may not work that well for all kinds of projects. In any case, we are here to introduce you to what makes the foundation for a flat design. You may also check out the websites to see some fine examples of almost flat design - and

The reason behind the name Flat Design is the use of a distinct 2D style that is simply put ‘flat’. And what that means is that the concept of a flat design works without the use of any embellishments such as bevels, drop shadows, gradients, embossing or any other tools that add to the depth. Every element of your web design including images, buttons and tools for navigation would be crisp. There is practically no effort made to make the elements look realistic as that would then defeat the purpose of being flat.

Here are a few typical characteristics of Flat Design that make it work so well for modern website design projects.

Use of simple elements - Flat design mainly uses many UI elements that are simple, such as icons, buttons etc. Using simple shapes in the form of basic circles, rectangles or squares allow them to stand out on their own. It also makes the elements simple to use as in easily clickable or tap able.

Added focus on Typography - Since flat design uses simple elements, typography automatically takes center stage and becomes very important. It should have a consistent tone that is in tandem with the overall design of the website.

Calculated use of colour - It is very common for web designers to use brighter colour palettes for their flat design based projects. Also, flat design palettes generally use up to 6-8 colours as compared to others that only focus on 2-3 at the most.

Minimalism - It goes without saying that flat designs work better with a design approach that is more minimalist in nature. So, it is always advisable that you avoid any extra bells and whistles and stick to simple colours and text.

So, as you can see, Flat Design can be a boon for designers who are into using a lot of colours and at the same time make super easy to use websites for their clients. It is extremely easy to build websites with, once you have got to know the tricks of how to use elements in a flat design.

We hope that this article would have shed some light on what to keep in mind whenever you decide to work with a flat design for your websites.

The ratings and reviews expressed on this site are of the opinion of and are subject to change due to price, popularity and other events. We have worked tirelessly to provide our subscribers with unbiased, in depth and accurate information about all of the reviewed on this site. In order to provide our readers this free review service we do receive commission from some of the companies reviewed.

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